50416_57576017383_1844214_n.jpgSince its incorporation in 2002, HP Education Fanon, Inc. has become the longest-running producer of conferences for scholars and fans of the Harry Potter novels, and developed a reputation for events that combine high quality presentations, lively discussions, creative events and magical moments.

Prior to HPEF’s first event, the Harry Potter aficionado was limited to gatherings in living rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores. That all changed in July of 2003.  Nimbus-2003 marked the beginning of a series of highly successful events, attended by scholars and fans from over a dozen countries. Past guests at HPEF events include Jim Dale, Chris Rankin, Henry Jenkins, Monique Trottier, George Beahm, Tim Kirk, Tom Morris, Lev Grossman and Judith Krug.

HPEF remains committed to hosting high-quality events that combine a professional and academic focus with the light-hearted spirit of the Harry Potter series for scholar and fan alike. By bringing these two seemingly disparate groups together, HPEF fosters learning and exploration of the Harry Potter novels, films, fan culture and phenomenon from the perspectives of a broad spectrum of disciplines. HPEF’s events have attracted attendees from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Finland, Malta, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and many other nations. Its activities span the range of academic and fan interests, making HPEF’s conferences truly Magical Events for Scholars and Fans.

History & Past Events

2002 – HP Education Fanon, Inc., is formed with the mission of spreading literacy through the study of the Harry Potter novels.

2003 – HPEF’s first event, Nimbus-2003, hosted over 600 attendees in Orlando, Florida.

2005 – The Witching Hour takes place in Salem, MA.

2006 – Lumos, held in Las Vegas, NV, became the first HPEF event to sell out!

2007 – Toronto became the location of HPEF’s first international event, Prophecy.

2008 – Jim Dale, voice actor and narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks, was the featured guest at Portus.

2009 – San Francisco hosted Azkatraz, which focused on themes of social justice in the Harry Potter series.

2010 – Universal Orlando® Resorts are the hosts for Infinitus, which included an exclusive event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter® theme park area.

2012 – Ascendio 2012 was the final HPEF academic symposium.

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